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Sushi Rolls

I am a fan of sushi and so is my family. I am not at all on a mission to prove anything against non vegetarian but do you sometimes come across moments where you are not sure how to accommodate different lifestyles and keep the same theme?

I definitely do, some of my dear friends are vegan, vegetarian and a lot of times my clients on the nutrition plan with me are always looking for ways of keeping the dishes diverse and that is certainly my passion.

Here is a quick vegetarian, grain free sushi roll that you can enjoy as a side or as an appetizer.


Other essentials:


  1. Lie the sushi Nori flat on a bamboo rolling mat.

  2. Put the cauliflower rice or sushi rice towards the left side, spreading it towards the middle (leave some space on the right edges)

  3. Lay the ingredients you want on top of the rice**

  4. Roll the sushi

  5. Each seaweed should make 5 to 6 rolls

Don't have sushi rolling mat?

*I used my hands and parchment paper to roll the sushi.

** Here, I used carrots, cucumbers, and avocado.

Is it time consuming?

Between prep and rolling, I would say 30-40 minutes. What's fun is having all the ingredients ready and get everyone in your party roll their own. A great way to engage younger ones.

Is it Metabolic Balance Friendly?

Absolutely, Stick to your personal food list on your plan and Enjoy.

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