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Have you experienced this?


After your annual checkup, your doctor tells you that “all is well” but you know that you don’t feel well? As licensed and certified Nutrition practitioner I will help you with making nutritional



“Sometimes nutritional deficiencies can creep up and lead to imbalances as we are aging. Prevention is the key to good health.”


If you are ready to start on your own personal wellness journey, I am here to help and guide you. I offer a variety of services to best suit your individual needs.

Our Services

"I said bye bye to both 60 pounds and also the cholesterol pills."

I was in research for a healthy eating habit and lifestyle changes for the last 4 years. I weighed 231 lb and had a very high cholesterol which led me to take cholesterol pills in the end. Unfortunately most traditional weight control methods didn’t work because most of them are just giving you a standard list of food that you shouldn't eat. I met with the Metabolic Balance program and the coach Sujata Kale-Banerjea in June 2020.


This program provided a well tailored structure based on the reality of my metabolism and my body. With the ongoing coaching and amazing knowledge of Sujata, I reached my goal of 171 lb at the end of October 2020. I said bye bye to both 60 pounds and also the cholesterol pills. I really appreciate getting to know the Metabolic Balance program coached by Sujata; it is definitely a life changing experience for me and for my family as well.

- Gunman Gunday
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