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Metabolic Balance

How It Works

“This program helps you shift away from the dieting dogma, towards a balanced healthy life”

Metabolic Balance® is a structured nutritional program that rebalances and resets your metabolism naturally, enabling you to rediscover great energy and vitality levels as your body benefits from bioavailability of the nutrients in whole foods. The Program is very  empowering as it allows you to regain control and be in charge of your own destiny!

The Metabolic balance® food plan trains your body to use fat as energy instead of glucose / carbohydrates, helping you to move towards your weight loss goal and teaching you weight management skills for a lifetime.

The diet consists of 3 healthy meals a day. There are no meal replacements, shakes, calorie counting or fat free products. It’s all about pure food that you can buy in your local supermarket.

Metabolic balance ® is a scientifically based nutritional program based on your blood values and unique health profile. It was founded by German physician, Dr. Wolf Funfack and is backed up by over 25 years of research and experience in nutrition, obesity and related metabolic disorders. So far it has helped more than 1 million people around the world naturally loosing and maintaining weight.

The Metabolic Balance® food plan is a personalized, educative 4 step plan, supported over 3 months, based on your current health status, your blood values (37 blood marker) , medical history and the foods you like. An innovative algorithm produces your personalized eating plan, based on the foods, which work best for your body chemistry.


The personalized program promotes hormone balance by regulating the amount of insulin your body produces, thus helping reduce food cravings, promote fat burning and long-term weight regulation.

Initially, you will give a blood sample, which is sent to the laboratory to be analyzed, from which your personalized healthy eating plan is generated. After receiving your personal nutrition plan, as your nutrition Coach, I will guide you throughout the duration of the program, offering support and advice in order to help you achieve your goals of general wellness and weight loss.

"Sujata I would strongly recommend metabolic balance program, who would like to have a healthy lifestyle not on a temporary basis but for a lifetime."
Sujata Nurtrition Weight loss Before
Sujata Nurtrition help client with Weight loss After

"I have a very healthy lifestyle. I was regularly doing workout and watch what I eat. I was always on a leaner side in physic. In a course of time , you have shift in your weight due to hormonal Change and many other reason. This is the time where you need an expert like Sujata. Who come like an Angel in your life. I was introduced to Sujata and metabolic balance program by my hairstylist friend . 


I was really impressed with the information on the website. When I had my first appointment with Sujata in August 2020, I was very much impressed how detailed oriented Sujata is. Her throughness in her profession is remarkable. Sujata is keeping a close eye on each and every clients what do they eat and if  they follow their meal plan on a closed social media group. She is a good listener and always ready to address the needs of each clients and walk with them on their journey to a great health with metabolic balance program. 


I have already lost 14 lbs since September 2020 . I am forever grateful to dear Sujata that our paths have crossed each other in our lives. I would strongly recommend metabolic balance program, who would like to have a healthy lifestyle not on a temporary basis but for a lifetime."

~ Mona Satvedi - Metabolic Balance Client ~

The 4 Phases


Mild two days cleanse. This is to prime your body and

gut for your new healthy regime.


In this cleansing phase, you will only eat light food, such as vegetables, fruit, rice or potatoes. When the stomach and intestines have been emptied, the body switches to food that comes from the inside, namely from the fat reserves (keto metabolism). 

Image by Nadine Primeau - Sujata Nutrition Phase 1 Metabolic Balance
Image by Monika Grabkowska - Sujata Nutrition Phase 2 Metabolic Balance


2 weeks of structured nutritional input, replenishing the missing nutrients and restoring vitality. Your metabolism is trained for peak performance and hormonal balance. Depending on your fitness level, exercise is not promoted during this stage, instead gentle walking and stretching is recommended.

PHASE 3: Relaxed Phase

This lasts until you have reached your personal goal. It allows for additional foods, healthy fats and oils to be introduced and ‘treat’ meals on a weekly basis. This is the time where you find your rhythm and acquire new knowledge about your individual needs, cravings gradually disappear and you will have gained more control over the foods you choose to eat. Exercise is encouraged and reintroduced depending on the level of fitness, and your goals.

Image by Nadine Primeau - Sujata Nutrition Phase 3 Metabolic Balance
Image by Edgar Castrejon - Sujata Nutrition Phase 4 Metabolic Balance



You made it!

It starts once you have reached your goal and are happy with your health and wellbeing.


Congratulations! You now have all the tools and knowledge to live your ideal lifestyle.

Services & Packages

Sujata Kale-Banerjea Sujata Holistic Nutrition

Metabolic Balance Packages


  • Comprehensive medical blood lab testing

  • Individualized food plan which includes 3 coaching appointments

  • Regular body composition testing using a BIA machine

  • Unlimited email and phone support

Additional follow ups can be scheduled until you have reached your specific goal. The

fees for the follow ups are as follows are additional.

*Optional payment plans are available.

Common Misbeliefs

  • Dieting is too expensive. I cannot afford it.
    Healthy Grocery trip: $100 (too expensive) Dinner date: $110- Reasonable Monthly supplements: $100 (too expensive) Night out drinking $100 (weekly occurrence)
  • Obesity is in my genetics, everyone in my family is fat:"
    Many times, families tend to pass on food patterns and eating habits from generation to generation and those habits may very well be unhealthy and not ideal for your body type
  • I have a slow metabolism
    Many people believe they have a slow or sluggish metabolism when in fact they are eating foods that don’t digest well within their body type and the excess is then stored as fat.
  • It’s my hormone’s…
    I can’t stop eating when I have PMS and then I can’t stop…While it is normal to have some cramping, all the other symptoms of PMS are related to nutrient deficiencies.
  • I get stressed and I can’t stop eating…
    emotional eating can be deep. The key contributors are serotonin, dopamine, endorphins contribute to this viscous cycle. Identifying the triggers and Lifestyle recommendations such as deep breathing, journaling may also help with the emotions.
  • I am always hungry.
    Are you hungry or thirsty? Stop for a moment and Try sipping on water and if that doesn’t help, eat something nutrient dense then you will be better equipped to assess your diet
  • I workout every day burn so many calories but yet don’t loose weight.
    Calories in and calories out is an old theory. If the sluggish metabolism is not addressed with nutrients, one can’t benefit from the exercise.
  • I am late night snacker.
    I eat really healthy during the day and just cant avoid snacking at night. The question to ask yourself, are you sleeping late? Are you eating empty calories vs nutrient dense calories? Are you hungry or under stimulated and need something to do?
"Sujata is one of our best Coaches all over Canada."

She is very experienced and has amazing success with Metabolic Balance and hundreds of clients following it. Her clients are well taken care of. She is beyond experienced with the principles that Metabolic Balance which makes it so successful and gives her knowledge to the clients who don’t only reach their goals but also learn a lot about their body and mindset. She also creates absolutely amazing recipe ideas and is a fabulous cook. She also is our Master Coach and teaches the new coaches how to do the consultations with their clients. She supports them any time of the day and takes her for each and every one.

Last but not least, she is my angel – a very good friend. She will always have a place in my heart. I am so grateful to have her in my team. 

Vera Jamin-Wirth
CEO – Metabolic balance Canada

Metabolic Balance Resources & Recipes

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