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About Sujata

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My Before

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My After

I knows how to celebrate life and to make every moment count. Part of my journey with food is embracing it as a passion, a celebration, and part of our everyday lives - in a positive way. 

Along with practicing nutrition, I am a certified Metabolic Balance Coach and a Culinary Nutritionist. I love to coach and help clients learn about healthy lifestyles, and how to embrace food as a healthy celebration of that lifestyle. This promotes happiness and helps to create a healthier, more sustainable relationship with food - this helps clients be more successful in both the short term and long term. 


I am a loving wife, mother of two beautiful children and son in law, who always made a conscious effort to maintain a healthy life with nutrition in mind and being physically active.

My Personal Journey to Wellness​

I am passionate about the new life style that I adopted so many years ago. I believe that I have made a positive impact on those around me, helping to inspire a healthier lifestyle with more confidence and happiness. I love to help people who are ready to make positive changes; hoping to motivate those who need that extra little push.


Before going into nutrition, I worked in the dental industry as a Treatment Co-Ordinator for over 13 years. I enjoyed my job of educating and creating awareness about the importance of dental health. However, I found my true passion when I embarked on my own journey to wellness. 

It was not until a few years ago that I realized that age was catching up with me and exercise was not the only thing that would keep me fit and healthy. Life events had taken a huge toll on my body. It was then I decided that the yoyo dieting was not for me, and I really needed to do something different. I also realized that changing my lifestyle was not just about my weight but was also about ensuring a healthy environment for myself and my family.

This is when I started to understand how nutrition could play a huge role in being healthy. The passion for a healthy lifestyle geared me towards the field of holistic nutrition. I have learned to live and embrace a healthy lifestyle that is beyond simply food, but also entails understanding the foundations that can affect our body, mind and soul, including hormones, sleep, and work-life balance.

Nutrition is My Passion

Sujata Nutrition Metabolic Balance Coach

As a Metabolic Coach

I focus on one's blood chemistry which includes a blood test that involves looking at 35 different blood markers. This helps with understanding the nutrient deficiencies and excess, inflammation in the body, pH status (acid and alkaline), and more.  Based on the blood work, past and current health history ,eating behaviour, personal likes and dislikes, an individualized meal plan is created which helps balance one's body, resulting in optimum nutrition and therefore health! 

As a Culinary Nutritionist

I can also help you with meal plans focused on individual lifestyles such as paleo, keto, energy boosting, high protein, auto immune, Kid friendly Nutrient dense plans, anti inflammatory meal plans, Family meal plans, Carb loading or low carb plans and more.

Sujata Nutrition Culinary Nutritionist
Sujata Kale-Banerjea Holistic Nutritionist

As a Holistic Nutritionist

As a Holistic Nutritionist I focus on helping to overcome your personal nutrition challenges as a whole person - mind, body, and soul - to help bring your entire being into alignment verses simply isolating specific symptoms.  

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