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Metabolic Balance with Coach Sujata

You AFTER this program: Key hormone changes, feel confident using food as medicine. Feel your best!

Service Description

Metabolic Balance® is a structured nutritional program that rebalances and resets your metabolism naturally, enabling you to rediscover great energy and vitality levels as your body benefits from bioavailability of the nutrients in whole foods. The Program is very empowering as it allows you to regain control and be in charge of your own destiny! The Metabolic balance® food plan trains your body to use fat as energy instead of glucose / carbohydrates, helping you to move towards your weight loss goal and teaching you weight management skills for a lifetime. The diet consists of 3 healthy meals a day. There are no meal replacements, shakes, calorie counting or fat free products. It’s all about pure food that you can buy in your local supermarket.

Contact Details


Oakville, ON, Canada

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