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‘‘tis the season”

The festive season has begun! The focus this season is on time spent with your loved ones. During the holiday season there will always be delicious treats and meals, so do not feel bad to celebrate and indulge in this. While enjoying these treats, we can also plan to keep our body healthy!

Holiday Indulgence Strategies

  • Here are some of the steps I take! Always start your day with a good breakfast! Eating a balanced breakfast keeps you fuller, and not tempted to reach out for unnecessary indulgence.

  • Making sure you stay hydrated is key. Effects of alcohol, late nights, and caffeine can dehydrate our body more. Add 2 to 4 extra glasses of water on top of what your body requires.

  • Start or end your day with probiotics. “Happy gut, happy body”.

  • To snack or not to snack is a personal preference, I always carry a protein powered snack in my purse. The more snacks we eat, the more insulin our body releases which causes other symptoms like irritability, weight gain, imbalanced hormones etc. It is important to understand that insulin is a fat storing hormone and it increases inflammation too. So I keep snacking to a minimum and have 3 balanced meals instead.

  • I find buffets can be an invitation for over indulgence. I always start with filling my plate with lots of veggies and protein. Moving away from the buffet table and sitting down and eating, focusing on chewing and relishing food on the plate. I stop eating when I feel 80% full and always take a break before reaching out for a small dessert. Also it is important to notice as one follows a clean diet, most of the time a small amount of dessert can satisfy that sweet tooth much quicker.

  • Invited for potluck? I like to offer a dish which I know that I like to see on my plate. e.g, a bowl of fresh fruit salad.

  • Morning after a party, a good balanced breakfast also is essential to help our body with the foods high in sulphur, potassium, vitamin C. It is important to replenish the electrolytes lost due to the diuretic effects.

  • Including spices like cayenne, turmeric, cinnamon is another go to as the properties of these are amazing

  • Healthy fats, specifically omega 3 should be included as we are getting plenty of omega 6 from the holiday treats. Adding healthy fats like flax oil, hemp oil etc or supplement would be good to keep the inflammation in check.

  • Lastly keep moving, stretching and focus on breathing.

Happy holidays everyone and see you in the new year!

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