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We lived through a historical moment in time and will be continuing on to 2021. Whether next year will be better, worse, or the same, I’m ready for a new year!

I watched and experienced anxiety, sadness, anger, an emotional moment we all

had together. But then during this pandemic, we have also all come closer with our families and friends. Though there have been a lot of controversy and sad moments both personally, politically, and worldly this year, it’s time to take a moment and reflect on what this year taught us.

During these moments, I have tried to shift my attitude to be optimistic in a pessimistic time. Some things that have helped me a lot are yoga, meditation, pranayama and more.

One thing that has helped me be more optimistic this year is being able to make a difference as clients approached me with their health goals. Despite the pandemic, I am motivated by the fact that my clients have reached their weight loss goals and wellness goals.

With partners like Metabolic Balance Canada and Vera Jamin, I was able to host meal workshops and make a difference by raising money for chosen charities.

During all this, I am most grateful to have have my family and friends support.

To be able to travel safely during the pandemic. I was lucky to visit more of my home country and see the Rockies. I was also able to spend time with both of my daughters. My youngest one was home from university more often and I was able to visit my older one in NYC. This year I was able to strengthen existing bonds and form new ones.

This year's resolution to continue to learn through the experiences, good, bad and ugly. Here’s to a (hopefully) better and more adventurous New Years!

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