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Metabolic Syndromes: The Immune System

The immune system is crucial as defense system. It is able to recognize, destroy, and eliminate many different types of foreign invaders.

Illness itself is not always a sign of weakened immune system, but rather of recurrent or lingering infections.

Some specific symptoms of weal immune system include:

  • Constant fatigue

  • Swollen glands

  • Colds and sore *Throats

  • Sometimes weight loss


  • Excessive physical or emotional stress

  • Severe long lasting illness

  • Surgery

  • Poor and inadequate diet

  • Empty calories in highly processed foods

  • Medications specifically cortisone and antibiotics

  • Sugar consumption hinders the body’s immune system and makes body vulnerable to infections and allergies

How Nutrition Helps:

The food we eat determines how well we prepare our body to ward off diseases. Undernourishment of at least some of the essential nutrients is very common in affluent modern world. Undernourishment quickly depletes the gut flora, enzymes that are needed due to underactive stomach.

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