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Circulatory Problems

Poor circulation is felt in different ways and affects the whole body and causes fatigue, dizziness, and difficult concentrating. Cold hands and feet are also clues to poor circulation. Unhealthy skin can also be a sign of poor circulation.

Causes: blood circulation is vital because it supplies the cells with oxygen and nutrition that are essential to their survival. Circulation is largely dependent on the heart and blood vessels. A diet low in essential fatty acids will increase plaque deposits. Low blood pressure is usually the result of poor venous system. Physical activity is a tremendous support to all types of circulatory problems, whatever the cost.

  • Lack of antioxidants and free radical damage

  • Inflammation

  • Dehydration

  • Low magnesium

  • High homocysteine levels

  • Poor diet, eating poor quality fats

How Nutrition Helps:

  • A sluggish circulation is often due to insufficient beneficial fats.

  • Unrefined nut and seed oils such as flax seeds help keep the blood flowing freely by preventing the platelets from sticking together.

  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables at every meal; they are low in sodium and high in potassium.

  • While sodium tends to retain water in the body, leading increased pressure on blood vessel and to circulatory problems, potassium excretes fluids.

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