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Digestive Imbalances: Crohn’s Disease

Very similar to *Colitis in that recurring attacks of inflammation cause abdominal *cramping and sometimes frequent urging with diarrhea. All the small intestine is usually affected, any part of the digestive tract can be affected by inflammation. Since the small intestine responsible for nutrient absorption, deficiencies may be more than colitis.


It is attributed to auto immune processes but processed foods, refined food, sugary foods which lack nutrients are problematic.

*Stress also often triggers the attacks since it engages our sympathetic nervous system. These may result in stomach spasms.

A toxic buildup of medications and overburdened lymphatic system that carries out wastes out of the tissues can also cause Crohn’s Disease. Food allergies and intestinal parasites are other possible triggers. If itchy body is a symptom that could indicate liver involvement.

How Nutrition Helps:

  • Eliminate all processed and refined foods such as sugar, white flour, canola or Mazola oil

  • Have an alkalizing juice every day upon waking up

  • Include food that will provide essential fatty acids, lactic bacteria (Dairy free: kefir, yogurt)

  • The mainstay of diet focus: complex carbohydrates including turnips, potatoes, parsnips, carrots etc., whole grains such as rye, spelt, kamut, oats etc., fruits that are rich in pectin (soluble fiber such as apples, pears etc.)

  • Drink filtered water only from a reputable source

Focus will be to remove all the inflammatory foods starting initially with dairy and followed by gluten.

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