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  • Sujata Kale-Banerjea

My Story

I had been struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalance since 2010. My hair was thinning, menopausal symptoms were making me very emotional, I didn’t have regular periods or I had really heavy periods, I did not sleep well, I craved sugar and suffered mood swings, and my digestion was off. I had dry skin, eczema on legs and behind my ears and the symptoms continued no matter what I did. My weight did not budge no matter what diet I tried.

Always having a love for cooking, I decided to take my interest further in Nutrition.


A New realization came about when I lost my mom suddenly at the end of 2010 and realization that nutrition could have given her more years with me. As I was on my own healing journey, trying many different approaches and succeeding some and failing some, I started to research more about nutrition and how nutrients played such a important role in our body. I started to make small changes, and started to see big differences. This is when my passion for Nutrition grew. I enrolled myself into Nutrition School and became a certified Nutritionist. During this time, I came across Metabolic Balance and I decided to try it out for myself. And I have never looked back.


It was a celebration for me

The years leading up to 2014 were the most memorable as I reached my health goal of weight loss, had a control on my menopausal symptoms and other many associated symptoms. I lost total of 53 pounds, 10-12 dress sizes, my moods are better. My skin glows and my hair is healthier. My body felt good in it’s skin. I am aging but aging naturally and nourishing my body with nutrients that Mother Nature has provided us.

I had already taken my first step into eating conscientiously and having an individualized Metabolic Balance Meal plan, which focused on my own blood chemistry made a tremendous difference. Understanding that adapting a healthy life style did not mean deprivation also made a difference, as I did not feel “guilt” or “shame” as I treated myself.

I am now a Passionate Metabolic Balance Coach and have helped many people achieve their health goal and feel better about themselves.

“My food world is a blessing and I make it deliciously nutritious which nurtures and heals my mind, body and soul”

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