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  • Sujata Kale-Banerjea

Can I have lentil noodles?

I am often asked by my #metabolicbalance clients, why we only recommend lentil noodles in phase 3, even if lentils are on the plan for phase 2.

The reason for this "recommendation" is that in order to make lentil noodles, the lentils have to be highly processed (soaked, boiled, dried and processed into flour). The lentil noodles are then cooked again when we prepare them in the kitchen. Because of this long and relatively complex process, a large part of the vitamins and minerals contained in the lentil noodles is naturally going to be lost. This is not ideal for phase 2. For the metabolic change and the reaching health goals it is so important, especially at the beginning, to eat and combine the foods with the optimal nutrients. From phase 3 though, when the metabolism is stable and nicely reset, we can be more relaxed and lentil noodles may be enjoyed.

Some of the brands that I like and have tried are Explore Cuisine, Tolerant, pretty clean ingredients.

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